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402                                                 PARGAJTA MAHX-BAK.

/; the other seven are subsequent offshoots. The to\vn is said'to derive
its name from its founder Rao Sen, who is regarded as the ancestor of all the
Jafs of the Godha clan. There is an old mud fort ascribed originally to on
Jarasher Beg, but rebuilt in the time of Ihakur Daya Mm of Hathrus. The
principal residents are now Janaki Prasad, Jamnna Prasad, and Mahi Lai of
whom mention has been already made. A Bairagi of the Nimbarak persuasion
by name Harnzim Das, enjoys a considerable reputation as a Pandit. There is
a large orchard of mango and Jaman trees, twenty-three bighas in extent
planted by Sri-Kishan Das, Baniya, whose son, Jngal Kishor, has also one of
the two Indigo factories in the town; the other belonged to the late Mr. Saun-
ders. There is also a smaller orchard in the possession of a Bairagi by name
Rup Das. At the back of the police-station is a pond called Kheina-ra, after
the man who had it dug, aud on the Mat road, near a Thaktir-d wsra. another
called Riwa, probably after the founder Rae Sen. Market days are Monday
and Friday. The town Is administered under Act X51 of 1&56, and section U
of Act Y. of 1861 is also in force. The line of railway has been constructed
along the side of the road, and, as at first laid, crossed and re-crossed it so fre-
quently tkit all road traffic would have been greatly Impeded. This defect
was subsequently remedied, aud there are now only three crossings in its entire
length of 29 miles 5 but the fine avenue of trees tas been terribly cut up.
SONAI—population 2,393—is a township on the Hathras road which, like
Bays, finds no place in the Revenue Records, beingthere represented by its'eight
dependent villages. These m Thok Bindavani, Jhok Gyan, Thok Karaal (better
known as Khojoa), Thok Saru, Thok Sumera, Bhurari, Nagara Bari and Nagara
Jangali. The Begam Umrao Shah in 1772 built a fort here, ^hich in 1808 was
kid by Thakur Baya Ram, of Hathras, md for some years subsequently was
used as a tahsili Not a vestige now remains of the old buildings, which were
pulle&down and the materials used for the construction of the new police-station.
The site Is well raised and commands an extensive view. I W0uld have built a
school upon it, but it was represented that the children would be afraic! of
ghosts. The sarae was constructed in the time of Tahsfldar Zahiir Ali Khau?
one of the Ul Kham family, seated in the Bolandshahr district Market
days are Sunday and Thursday.